Mark Plumbley - Workshop Opening

Francis Bach - Structured sparsity-inducing norms through submodular functions

Mike Davies - Rank aware algorithms for joint sparse recovery

Holger Rauhut - Copressive sensing and structured random matrices

Pierre Vandergheynst - Transductive learning with spectral graph wavelets

Karin Schnass - Dictionary identification - Sparse matrix-factorization via L1-minimization

John Wright - Dictionary learning via L1-minimization: well-posedness and correct recovery

Michael Elad - Exploiting statistical dependencies in sparse representations

Kjersti Engan - Dictionary learning by RLA-DLA with applications

Panel Discussion - Mark Plumbley, Kjersti Engan, Rémi Gribonval, Michael Elad and Mike Davies

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Realized by Matthew Davies from QMUL and Jules Espiau de Lamaëstre from INRIA - February 2011.